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Sure. Let’s just go down to the Anus Hole and get some ice cream

Their ice cream is shitty and the ambiance stinks.

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*seduces the president so i can find out the truth about aliens*

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did this person break up their own relationship

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He speaks in this one.
Jeremy Renner, on what Hawkeye does Avengers 2 ( source )
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We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn’t stay alive.

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Birds of a feather.

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*points to favorite character* bisexual

*fandom crying loudly* no…stop……theyre not….they either homogay or heterostraight…..please don’t….

*points to favorite character again* love that bisexual

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Coming soon to Disney




Dude, Peter Capaldi totally refused to flirt with Clara in the new series.

Damn, I’m so ready for this.

In that same article he states that he’s going to make the story line less confusing and over the top and focus on the plot. I think I’m in love. 

my host parents are the BEST I’ve been really sad with my uncle dying and all and since I can’t go to the funeral my host mum texted me today saying we could have a memorial dinner tonight and she came home early from work to put the kids to be even though I was supposed to and cooked this AMAZING meal and we all just say down and drank wine and talked about our families and MAN just the best

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Lee Pace slept next to camping out Comic Con goers. (x)